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Writer's Block: Looney times

What was your favorite childhood cartoon, and why?

Sky Dancers!haha.

im not sure probably cause they alway ssaved the wingdom , and they had wings! 

this week :]

This has possibly been one of the best week in like forever.
Ive not been alone one day this week
its awesome! lmao
i feel so free, its great and very funn
i can do what i want
when i want
and for how ever the fuck long i wanna.
on thurs i went to CCRI with my buddy tyler and
then met up with brett and butter and after there class we just hung out at college all day
it was pretty sweet, then friday me aand tyler picked up dan at liek 6:30 adn went to his soccer game
dan got in trouble :P haha, its all good though
then sat we hung out all day adn then visited alan at stop and shop and got oOJ
and then visited tyler at job lot :D haha took like forever to find his ass,
then we all hung and went to cranston wiff  dans brothers
we got abble beess and then i lifted some weights and did liek sit ups.
its  a great day

its kinds funny :]

cuties make me smile :D



So today is the 12th, would of been me adn trents 10 months,
so that means, ive been single for almost a month, and its really been amazing
im moving on, i have been since  afew days  before halloween
i cant believe how happy ive been
i mean me and my friends have been having super funn times,
ive been tlaking to this really adorable kid lately, and hes also really funn:]
Ive gotten bad new about him
but i cant help but think other wise. i mean hes just too ,
well theres just something great about him. <3

uhm yeah i hung with him yesterday ,
it was a fun time, i LOVE his house, its really nice
and his dog haha, hes crazyy, bub, hes cute too! :]

bleh well ive been sick for a week now,
i think its the flu, eveyrones sickk.
im gong to the doctor,

<33 write later

You're Pathetic,

That's all I have to say.
Well idk the last time i wrote,  i think it was like sometime the begining of the week.
Well whats happened is, I hung out with Bran, Julia, Josh, , Brandie, Alan, Dan, Brett, Kayla, Tyler, Kayla, and bretts fam
not all of them were at one time. after julia that was everyone i went with on halloween.
Anyway this week Ive thought a lot, I realized im not okay with out my ex, Trent.
But i will be, all in time, like sure i still like miss him soo much but this week
Ive been talking to this cutie this  kid he lives in NK, hes ADORABLE, and the like nicest kid ever
On halloween i was feeling really down cause it was like a lot of couples i was like wow:[
and he cheered me up! he makes me feel so special, <3 :] gah i have to go on a date with his dog xD (it went by good) haha

Uhm yeah halloween was nicee, didnt get to much candy but it was amazing
i was a  school girl xD and my friend was a twinkie he got soo many comments.
my other friends were a cat and the hat, pewe hermin, a baseball player, and 2 lumber jacks. haha

then we went to brett and butters house,
  it was filled with food and drinks:]
and was very fun then i got all sad for a little bit, and i really was fighting back tears,
but i was all good after sitting outside in teh cold alone texting that cutie i talked about earlier.
yeah now im home, and feel so over tired cause ive had 3and a half hours of sleep that past 2 days,
WOOH not really. please if your reading this, leave something i just wanna know if people actually read this. xD

well yeah that was pretty much a recap,
i guess.

It all came down to this,
finally the ending to what seemed to be the worse Summer in the world
it was a hot muggy late Summer afternoon.
Jeremy, this young teenager sat there by himself,
all the others were happily conversing around the camp site.
he kept staring over at this one special girl, knowing he could never talk to her
her deep brown eyes glistened in the suns overpowering light.
the sun however didn't seem to shine were he was sitting,
looked like the cartoons when they were having a bad day, and had a dark cloud surrounding them
this is how the whole Summer felt, long; hating every moment of it.
the voices of all the 'jock' guys had replayed in his head "Jeremy , catch the ball, oh wait he cant"
and all the rejection he'd gotten from the girls this Summer
all together its just been one horrible thing after another.
as everyone else has been saying there good-bye's  giving there last hugs, getting your friends addresses and numbers so you can keep in touch
Jeremy was still sitting there a lot of people had left , but there were still so many there
he sat there with his hand figiting in his pocket of his bagged out ripped jeans, and enormously big tee-shirt.
the jeans were slightly faded so there were certain patches that turned into a lighter jean color
as the girl he had been admiring all summer was about to leave, he had began to stand up, and take his hand out of his pocket
suddenly she turned around and said, "hey, Jeremy" he gazed at her with soo much shock, 'she actually spoke to me' he said to himself
"i cant wait to see you when we get back to school" those were her last words as she waved good bye to everyone and plopped her stuff into the back of her moms white caravan and drove off.
as that happened, he put his hand back down and dropped the gun back into his pocket where it had been resting all day.

"Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious."
- Brendan Gill

Not sure what quote im going to use yet

"Life is worth living , just to see the smiles you've put on others faces"
- Jamie lapinsky


Oct. 24th, 2008


havnt wrote in a while!

This has been suchh a good week
ive got to know a few people very well!
one excpecially.  its nice to get out again,
im really happy with how things turned out
yeah im gonna miss the times we had but its not worth it anymore

gah, ive been so happy this week like I dont understand ,
haha i dont have anything to write cause not much is going on
besides hanging out and getting back out there
so flirt it up boys xD <33


good day, :D

today was actually fantastic
i hung with JJ for a little bit then at like 1:30 i got picked u by tyler, dan and josh
its been sooo long since ive seen dan cause hes like in college , haha lame
but yeah tyler i just met him, he was pretty cool. he made very uncomfortable sex jokes... but yeah
then we picked up John G. and play some catch , I COUGHT A FOOT BALL and i wasnt too bad at throwing it.
i got like raped by tyler jumping on the trampoline while i was laying on it. whatevvv's
then we dropped off dan cause he had to get back to boston for classes tonight
then we went back to joshes house, and tyler dropped john off at home to get his stuff and he left for the night
me and josh just just hung it was pretty cool. then his mom came home with weiners xD she game me one
it was nice to eat, after not eating anything for 2 days (sad face). but then john came back ,
and alan showed up, while me and josh were on itunes or something john counted all his money and was like you have 7 and change!
so we had alan bring us to stop and shop so he could turn in the change into money buy that machine thingyy? hah yeah
then we went back to his house, and justin was there. we watched a pretty funn movie. i liked it
and then we lefta t like 12ishh , (me and justin)
 he gave me a ride home cause he had to go that way and my mom was still at work.
hha it was just a nice dayyy:D
it made me not really think too mjuch about being dumped yesterday.
gahh, this sucks. but im keeping my self busy so i dont get too upset and stuff.
i dont wanna become one of those like ppl who are sad and do nothing i need to keep myself busy:D


well wed. and thurs. have been pretty shitty
but i did find out a new way to do my hair and i really like it
i should be getting feed back on friday,YAY
seems like its been forever since ive seen him.
but tomorrow from 4ish till 5:30/6:00 me and cait are gonna hang out
then meet upi with trent and rob.
it'll one epic hell of a time
this is the 1st time all 4 of us are hanging outt.
well yeah nothing else really happend besides me feelings like shit. haha
i feel like my heads gonna explode its like throbbing like crazy.
but im sure ill be finee

<3 jamie